Henri Bortoft on human organizations and relationships

IntroductionHenri Bortoft is the author The Wholeness of Nature and Taking Appearance Seriously. I am particularly interested in the ‘dynamic way of seeing’ which is explained at length by Henri Bortoft. Taking the ‘appearance’ seriously is necessary if we want to see ‘life’ in nature and in work. Henri Bortoft mentions in Taking Appearance Seriously […]

Essential organizing principles for life

This is a post in my organizing “between and beyond” series. Other posts are here. The purpose of this post is to explore essential organizing principles for Life. BackgroundThis post is based on the article New Possibilities: A World That Works For Everyone – Part I by Skye Hirst. Skye Hirst explores ten essential organizing processes […]

Paavo Pylkkänen on David Bohm’s interpretation of the quantum theory

Paavo Pylkkänen discusses David Bohm’s interpretation of quantum theory, including mind and matter, in this article — Is there Room in Quantum Ontology for a Genuine Causal Role for Consciousness? Here are some quotes from the article (my emphasis in bold): … active information is playing a key causal role in physical processes at the […]