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John Buck explains sociocracy

John Buck, one of the authors of We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy, explains sociocracy / dynamic governance in this video. He is interviewed by Jim Rough, the originator of the wisdom council process.

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How to democratize our workplaces

Matt Alderton has a post on how to democratize your workplace. He shares what Traci Fenton, founder and CEO of WorldBlu, says on how we, employees at all levels, can improve our working lives by making our workplace more democratic.

  • Get Naked: Be as authentic, open and as transparent as possible
  • Have a Conversation: Invite people to engage in a dialogue about the issues that matter
  • Understand the Meaning of Life: Understand what your purpose and vision is for your life
  • Point Fingers: Hold yourself and others accountable
  • Realize That One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Do what you can to have a choice regarding the kind of work you do and the schedule you work
  • Say No to Pyramid Schemes: Do what you can to empower your colleagues