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David Bohm is one of the most interesting thinkers that I’ve encountered during all years of reading. Here’s an overview of posts where I mention David Bohm in one way or another: 2018 Organizing retrospective 126 — A retrospective of 2018. Book Review: The Supreme Art of Dialogue by Anthony Blake Book Review: Mind and […]

David Bohm on ecology, organization, thinking, dialogue, and wholeness

David Bohm on ecology, organization, thinking, dialogue, and wholeness:1 “… the ecology in itself is not a problem. It works perfectly well by itself. Its due to us, right?” “The earth is one household really, but we are not treating it that way …” “… the more you made society big and you had organization, […]

We all need to enter the central garden

The “central garden” is Juanita Brown’s metaphor for the place where we come to discover and realize something about dialogue, meaning making and collaboration.1 It’s the place where we can reach an understanding that lies beneath methods and practices. The field of dialogic practice is massive, well researched and well documented,2 and the literature is […]

David Bohm och den vetenskapliga andan

Paavo Pylkkänen skriver i David Bohm och den vetenskapliga andan om Bohm och hans syn på vetenskap, andlighet och – inte minst – dialog (min betoning i fetstil). Bohm och hans världsbild “Bohm upplevde mer och mer att … den verkliga utmaningen var huruvida människor kunde diskutera och agera tillsammans på ett kreativt och koherent […]

Integral Management

Integral Management is a management model which addresses the question: “What does it take to have everyone in a company wholeheartedly join forces and take on challenges that, to most companies, would seem quite impossible?” The model has grown organically for more than 25 years. It’s based on a learning dialog involving tens of thousands […]