Liv i arbetet 6

Om värderingar Detta är ett inlägg i min serie om liv i arbetet. Jag nämnde i mitt förrförra inlägg att sociokrati under ett par års tid var mitt huvudspår i sökandet efter bättre sätt att arbeta tillsammans. Två månader efter att jag hade börjat mitt sökande upptäckte jag sociokrati via holakrati i november 2012. Holakrati […]

Is Holacracy an environment extremely honoring and embracing of people?

Here is an old but interesting article Holacracy – The Self-Organizing Enterprise by Deborah Hartmann Preuss from September 2006. What’s interesting is that this article was published the year before Brian Robertson filed his patent application on Holacracy in June 2007 (Pub. No. US 2009/0006113 A1), where sociocracy is prior art. The article makes it […]

Analysis of Sociocracy and Holacracy

This post is part of my series on organizing “between and beyond.” Other posts are here. The purpose of this post is to explore the history and key assumptions of Sociocracy and Holacracy®. The post is based on my previous posts about Sociocracy and Holacracy. The analysis is summarized here. Background I first heard about […]

Metaphors both reflect and influence our thinking

Metaphors both reflect and influence our thinking. The computing metaphor, for example, is popular in Holacracy, where Holacracy is likened with an operating system,1 and people are viewed as sensors acting on behalf of the organization.2 Both Holacracy and Sociocracy treat organizing as a cybernetic problem.3 But our thinking has consequences. People are neither sensors, […]

All roles in Holacracy are managerial roles

Tim Rayner writes in the article “Medium’s Experiment with Holacracy Failed. Long Live the Experiment!” that: “Holacracy flattens organisations, getting rid of hierarchical power structures.” “It distributes power to individuals, who get to choose what projects they work on and are granted full authority to execute tasks as they see fit.” “The Lead Link heads […]

Sociocracy vs. Holacracy vs. Sociocracy 3.0

Sociocracy is a governance method based on consent decision-making and cybernetic principles which was developed during the 1970s. Sociocracy significantly influenced the early development of Holacracy in 2006/2007. And Sociocracy 3.0 was introduced in 2014. Here’s my attempt to compare all three based on my reading of Gerard Endenburg’s first book on Sociocracy, Brian Robertson’s […]