Self-driving cars are involved in twice as many accidents

Self-driving cars are involved in twice as many accidents as ordinary cars1 because they always obey the law. People just don’t expect anyone to actually follow all rules without exception.2 Notes: 1 Brandon Schoettle & Michael Sivak, A Preliminary Analysis of Real-World Crashes Involving Self-Driving Vehicles, The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, October 2015. […]

A wide-ranging hangout with Simon Robinson

Simon Robinson, co-author of Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, shares in this wide-ranging hangout his view on holonomics, wholeness, leadership, change, human values, and the dynamics of seeing deeply. Simon says that there’s lot of talk about collaboration, co-creation, sustainability, and sharing, but that these are just words if there’s no authenticity and […]

Craftsmanship and meaning making

“Meaning is created through a craft approach to life.” — Alan Moore Here is the story about the transformation of Gränsfors Bruk into an innovative, sustainable, and lightweight company. It’s a story of transforming a company from a mass production-style manufacturer, to a small scale, high quality shop with skilled, dedicated, and engaged co-workers. It’s […]

The Elements

The Elements with Joseph Jaworski is an interesting series of short videos on: Generative Strategy — integrating experience along the strategic path as it unfolds Discovery — The heart of the entrepreneurial impulse is your capacity to discover new ways to grow a business Power Of Intention — opening doors with commitment Generative Dialogue — […]

Book Review: Labcraft

Labcraft: How innovation labs cultivate change through experimentation and collaboration is a book which illustrates ways in which labs cultivate change through experimentation and collaboration. The labs themselves are part of an emerging family of hybrid organizations which create dialogue, cross-pollinate perspectives, and create space for new things to emerge. The book was co-authored by […]

Sex principer för framgång i en snabbföränderlig miljö

Annika Steibers listar sex managementprinciper i sin bok Googlemodellen. Dessa sex principer utmärker företag som är framgångsrika i en snabbföränderlig miljö: Dynamisk kapabilitet — Förmåga att känna av hot och möjligheter, och att om nödvändigt omfördela företagets resurser för att ta tillvara på möjligheter. Förnyelseinriktad organisation — Förmåga att kontinuerligt förnya verksamheten utifrån en helhetssyn, […]

How to confront complex challenges as a team?

I am now reading Leading from the Emerging Future by Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer. Chapter 4 of the book is about the Source: Connecting to Intention and Awareness. Whenever a team, or an organization, is to confront a complex challenge which requires collective creativity, the following stages emerge: Suspension. A precondition is to stop […]