Bob Emiliani on Scientific Management and Toyota Management

Bob Emiliani is a professor of Lean Management. Here is his post on the historical parallels between Scientific Management 100 years ago and Toyota Management today. People flocked to Scientific Management to become consultants. They would then install something similar in appearance to Scientific Management. Soon an efficiency movement was born, which installed dilutions of […]

Foundational beliefs of the Genuine Contact Way

The Genuine Contact Way, as applied to our work, is about inviting everyone within the organization to express their fullness in all that they do, to contribute to the collective wisdom of the organization, and to experience high enjoyment, high creativity, high productivity, and high engagement every day. 1 The five foundational beliefs of the […]


“Indaba” (pronounced IN-DAR-BAH), comes from the Zulu and Xhosa people of southern Africa, and is used to simplify discussions between many parties. When things got tricky at the climate-change summit in Paris, indabas where held at all hours of the day. An indaba is designed to allow each part to speak personally and state their […]

Inner Bonding

Inner bonding is a process developed by Margaret Paul and Erika Chopich for connecting our adult thoughts with the feelings of our inner child, so that we can reduce the inner conflict within ourselves. Here is a video where Margaret Paul describes the six steps of inner bonding: Willingness to feel the pain/fear Choose the […]

The powers of six

The information needed to effect self-organized change is literally ‘in-formation’ – that which is found or formed from within. It is our inner intelligence at work. How do we tap this inner intelligence? The Powers of Six is a methodology for eliciting and utilizing a person’s inner intelligence, which is driven by six conditions: Clean […]

What if control is inappropriate?

My conclusion after having read Brian Robertson’s new book on Holacracy and Gerard Endenburg’s first book on Sociocracy is that neither Holacracy nor Sociocracy replace Command & Control (C&C). Both use C&C within limits. This triggered feedback from Holacracy people that the Lead Link Role doesn’t manage day-to-day work and doesn’t manage others, but that […]