Citizen Hive’s tree organization

Citizen Hive in Lund, Sweden, use a tree on their organization page to show where they are positioned in relation to the larger context of other organizations and society. Citizen Hive use Sociocracy and have a nice description of Sociocracy on their governance page. Thanks to Michael Göthe for providing the link. Here and here […]

BPT’s tree organization structure

Here is Brighton Permaculture Trust’s tree shaped organization structure. The tree with its trunk and spreading branches is a down-to-earth way of representing an organization. It turns the traditional pyramid on its head. The trunk and branches are there to lift the leaves up into the sun where they can do their job most effectively. […]

Tree shaped circle organization

This is a Sociocratic circle organization which was created at the Sociocracy & the Art of Facilitation Training at Ängsbacka on March 22-24. The idea to draw the circle organization as a tree comes from Nova Wegerif, Ängsbacka. Related posts: Sociocracy requires a new mindset Scrum vs. Sociocracy Sociocratic principles can be implemented in many […]