Posts on David Bohm

David Bohm is one of the most interesting thinkers that I’ve encountered during all years of reading. Here’s an overview of posts where I mention David Bohm in one way or another: 2018 Organizing retrospective 126 — A retrospective of 2018. Book Review: The Supreme Art of Dialogue by Anthony Blake Book Review: Mind and […]

Retrospektiv 2019-12

Detta är en återblick på veckan. Arbetsplatser som möjliggör tänkande Under veckan har jag läst Clever Digs: How Workspaces Can Enable Thought av Jenny Quillien, som under sex års tid arbetade tillsammans med Christopher Alexander. Jenny Quillien skriver (min översättning): När det gäller platser för arbete, känner de flesta av oss en brist; det finns […]

Exploring forward-thinking workplaces

Bill Fox (@BillFoxStrategy) explores forward-thinking ways to work differently in a world of constant whitewater. Here is his and Container13‘s interview series on forward-thinking workplaces where he addresses the following questions: How can we create workplaces where every voice matters, everyone thrives & finds meaning, and change & innovation happen naturally? What does it take to get […]

David Bohm on ecology, organization, thinking, dialogue, and wholeness

David Bohm on ecology, organization, thinking, dialogue, and wholeness:1 “… the ecology in itself is not a problem. It works perfectly well by itself. Its due to us, right?” “The earth is one household really, but we are not treating it that way …” “… the more you made society big and you had organization, […]

Analysis of Sociocracy and Holacracy

This post is part of my series on organizing “between and beyond.” Other posts are here. The purpose of this post is to explore the history and key assumptions of Sociocracy and Holacracy®. The post is based on my previous posts about Sociocracy and Holacracy. The analysis is summarized here. Background I first heard about […]