Corporate Rebels United

Are you ready to do what hasn’t been done before? Do you want to reclaim your passion for work? Then check out Corporate Rebels United! The following common principles define who they are and what they stand for:

  1. We love our organizations and want them to succeed in this high-velocity, hyper-connected world.
  2. We dare to be great.
  3. We have the mandate to be brave and to challenge the status quo.
  4. We will reboot our corporate and organizational culture to install a 21st century, digitally native version.
  5. We accelerate positive viral change from deep within the fabric of our organizations.
  6. We enable and empower the rest of our organizations to move at rapid pace, but with room for patience and reflection.
  7. We unleash the enormous potential that lies within every human being within our organizations.
  8. We re-ignite the passion in our organizations.
  9. We are not just talkers, but doers.
  10. We are building a global network of change catalysts that act from their true selves.
  11. Our actions lead to new product and services and new global practices for value creation, agility and velocity.
  12. Our community acts from deep personal awareness and presence, and an irresistible enthusiasm opening up old rusty structured.
  13. We are architects and scouts into the future,
  14. and we want to guide our organizations in navigating a safe path from now to then.
  15. We are very well intentioned individuals.
  16. We are united people with shared purpose, starting with our own being.
  17. We maintain integrity and relevance..
  18. We keep our community a safe environment, where you can become who you want to become. Where you are not alone in being a catalyst.
  19. Our core values are integrity, clarity of reason, brightness and great positive energy.
  20. Reflection, reporting back and adding-on to each others input and opinions is our natural way of collecting and discussing opinions.

Published by Jan Höglund

Jan Höglund has over 35 years of experience in different roles as engineer, manager, consultant, and researcher. This is his personal blog where he shares his reading and learning.

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