Foundational beliefs of the Genuine Contact Way

The Genuine Contact Way, as applied to our work, is about inviting everyone within the organization to express their fullness in all that they do, to contribute to the collective wisdom of the organization, and to experience high enjoyment, high creativity, high productivity, and high engagement every day. 1 The five foundational beliefs of the Genuine Contact Way are: 2

  1. Spirit (conscious energy) is all that is.
  2. All organisms have within them the blueprint for their perfect health. It is imperative that we learn to make life-nurturing rather than life-depleting choices.
  3. Genuine contact with the self, one other, the collective(s), and all of creation is critical to our positive development and evolution both individually and as a collective.
  4. Change is constant. We need to expand the capacity for working with constant change.
  5. Simplicity allows us to handle complexity. We must keep it simple.

In keeping it simple, it is important to pause, slow down, and determine your own beliefs. 3

1 Birgitt Williams, The Genuine Contact Way: Nourishing a Culture of Leadership, (DALAR, July 2014), p. 2.
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