How to apply sociocracy as an individual?

You can apply sociocracy as an individual even if you don’t work in a sociocractic organization. The following is a summary of actions you can take from Open Tech Farm – a research toward an alternative sustainable eco-system:

  1. Expect Consent: Expect that consent (the principle of no objections) is the standard for all decision-making.
  2. Start Rounds: Bring out comments from all by giving each person time to speak.
  3. Double-Link: Suggest that two people represent your group to other groups.
  4. Elect by Discussion and Consent: Ask whom group members think might be a good person for the task and obtain consent.
  5. Actively Solicit Concerns & Objections: Build stronger decisions by welcoming concerns and objections.
  6. Measure & Report: Follow-up decisions to see if they are working as expected.
  7. Encourage Self-Organization: Ask questions to let people find their own answers.
  8. Self-Education: Take responsibility for your own development.

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