I’m not an agilist, I’m a human being

Jurgen Appelo says in his latest blog I Don’t Care About Agile that he will use any cool words that can help him ”to be happy while learning new things and creating value in a network with other people”. That’s a pretty cool goal. My interpretation then is that Jurgen is more of an optimist than an agilist. What am I then? I tried with ”I’m not an agilist, I’m a humanist”, but when I checked with Wikipedia I realized that being a humanist can mean many things, some of which I’m not. For example I’m not a scholar in the Humanities.

What caught my eyes though was humanistic psychology which ”adopts a holistic approach to human existence and pays special attention to such phenomena as creativity, free will, and human potential”. I like that. However, I cannot say that I’m a humanistic psychologist either, because I’m not a psychologist.

What I ended up with is this: I’m not an agilist, I’m a human being. My goal is to find out how we can turn human potential into reality in our businesses. Agile software development is a step in that direction. The Stoos Network is another.  No Fear – The Community a third. I’m sure there are others too.


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