Manifesto for Organizational Coaching

Here are the Guiding Values and Principles of They can actually be viewed as a Manifesto for Organizational Coaching, or as a starting point for one.

In serving their clients, they have come to value:
Creating Independence
over generating billing
Championing Learning over avoiding risk
Building Relationships over building transactions
Inviting Participation over assigning responsibility

The Principles guiding their work with clients are:
Voluntary engagement of everyone …
Coaching every single day … creates a serious risk of client dependency …
Organizations are responsible for their own learning.
Coaches must look for every opportunity to increase the learning of the organization …
Coaching requires the willingness to identify any cultural impediments …
The primary task of a coach is to help improve the working lives and effective results …
The ability of an organization to respond to change is the primary measure of progress.
Leaders in an organization must continuously signal positive encouragement …

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