Medium is moving beyond Holacracy

Medium announced that they are moving beyond Holacracy.

Below are some quotes from their post (in italics, my emphasis in bold):

  • Recently we decided to move beyond Holacracy and wanted to talk directly about our experience with the system and where we go next.
  • Our experience was that it was difficult to coordinate efforts at scale.
  • … we found that the act of codifying responsibilities in explicit detail hindered a proactive attitude and sense of communal ownership.
  • Holacracy has become fraught with misconceptions that make it hard to separate the actual system from the imagined one.
  • For us, Holacracy was getting in the way of the work.

The last statement is remarkable, since Holacracy is claimed to increase agility, efficiency, transparency, innovation and accountability within an organization 1. The sheer number of rules and regulations seems to slow the work down and drain people’s energy.

1 Holacracy – Wikipedia. (Accessed March 5, 2016)

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