Michael Pannwitz on pre-conditions for Open Space

Here are quotes of Michael M Pannwitz from an email to the World wide Open Space Technology email list June 6, 2016. (My emphasis in bold.)

I think that there is a much easier way to have the sponsor find out whether ost [Open Space Technology] fits his situation… Simply go through the preconditions for an open space event that has at its nucleus the attempt to widen the space for the forces of self[-]organisation to unfold:

  • is attendance voluntary?
  • is it an open question?
  • is it a complex issue (not simply a complicated matter)?
  • is there sufficient diversity as far as participants is concerned?
  • is it a situation of conflict?
  • is it urgent?

In case the sponsor finds all preconditions sufficently in place I as faciliator give him all the promises we usually list. I have found this approach to entail the least amount of work for me and keeps all the responsibility where it should be, with the sponsor.


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