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This is a post in my series on organizing “between and beyond.” Other posts are here. This is a retrospective of what has happened during the week. The purpose is to reflect on the journey itself. Here is my previous retrospective. Here is my next retrospective.

What has happened? What needs to be done?
I have read Tor Hernes’ book.1 It’s a fascinating book. Here is my book review. I think verbal-intellectual ”organizational theorizing” need to be complemented with a sensous-intuitive perspective in order to fully sense the movement in organizational life.

I currently see the following process perspectives: Processes as (1) input, guiding actions, (2) an outcome of people’s thinking and behavior, and (3) constitutive of the world. Here is my analysis. And here are my thoughts on processes as outcome. Interestingly, Tor Hernes sees order as arising from flow, not vice versa. Being influenced by Bohm & Peat, I see order as arising from flow, and flow arising from a deeper generative order. Bohm’s and Peat’s ideas are relevant not only to quantum theory, but also to society, consciousness, creativity, and organizing!

  • I need to write a post on Bohm’s and Peat’s notions of generative, implicate/enfolded, and explicate/unfolded orders.

What was good? What can be improved?
I really appreciate Simon Robinson’s (@srerobinson) continued feedback. Here is, for example, Simon’s comment on my review of Hernes’ book. And here is his comment on my analysis of egalitarian dynamics among the G/wi people.

  • I need to address Simon’s comments in my continued investigation.

Michelle Holliday (@thrivability) sent her framework for organizational thrivability. Here is my comparison of Michelle’s framework with Integral Management. And here is my review of her upcoming book on thrivability.2

  • I need to continue my comparison of Michelle’s framework with Integral Management.

Kitty Wooley (@kwooleyy) tweeted Andrea Goulet’s post on technical debt and wondered whether there’s an analog in organizations. This is definitely an idea to pursue. To paraphraze Goulet, we need to remodel organizing. Here are my early thoughts.

1 Tor Hernes, A Process Theory of Organization (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014).
2 Michelle Holliday, The Age of Thrivability: Vital Perspectives and Practices for a Better World (July 2015).

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