Principles of healthy living systems

Elisabet Sahtouris identifies the following Organizational and Operational Principles of Healthy Living Systems in her book EarthDance (my emphasis in bold):1

  1. Self-creation (autopoiesis)
  2. Complexity (diversity of parts)
  3. Embeddedness in larger holons and dependence on them (holarchy)
  4. Self-reflexivity (autognosis-self-knowledge)
  5. Self-regulation/maintenance (autonomics)
  6. Response ability — to internal and external stress or change
  7. Input/output of matter/energy/information from/to other holons
  8. Transformation of matter/energy/information
  9. Communications among all parts
  10. Empowerment — full employment of all component parts
  11. Coordination of parts and functions
  12. Balance of Interests — negotiated self-interest at all levels of holarchy
  13. Reciprocity of parts in mutual contribution and assistance
  14. Conservation of what works well
  15. Innovation — creative change of what does not work well

1 Elisabet Sahtouris, EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution, p.369.

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