Scaling sociocracy is all about the context

Scaling sociocracy is all about the context. And it has to be done by invitation in the first place. Sociocracy is, in a wider sense, rule by the ”socios,” people who have a social relationship with each other. The following is a quote of John Schinnerer from the Sociocracy email discussion list on Yahoo, April 17, 2015:

”Context is everything. When you don’t have socios, sociocracy may have some parts and pieces to offer the situation, but is not likely to function as designed. … Doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying. But consent is fundamental. They would need to consent to working that way, first of all.”

I think that collaboration arises naturally somehow, including necessary structures, if there’s a ”socios” and something really important is at stake. And I think that we focus too much on the methods, and too little on the context, including the ”socios.” Sociocracy will not scale unless there is a ”socios” and a clear common aim, which has importance or urgency to it.

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