Integral Management

Integral Management is a management model which addresses the question: “What does it take to have everyone in a company wholeheartedly join forces and take on challenges that, to most companies, would seem quite impossible?” The model has grown organically for more than 25 years. It’s based on a learning dialog involving tens of thousands […]

Samtycke bakom framgången i vinter-OS

Andreas Björkman skriver på om hemligheten bakom Sveriges framgångar i skidspåren vid vinter-OS i Sotji 2014 och citerar Johan Olsson och Rikard Grip. “Vi har fått bestämma i stort sett hela tiden och sedan har vi haft ett team bakom som har vågat lita på vår erfarenhet och gett oss resurserna“, säger Johan Olsson. […]

Manifesto for Organizational Coaching

Here are the Guiding Values and Principles of They can actually be viewed as a Manifesto for Organizational Coaching, or as a starting point for one. In serving their clients, they have come to value: Creating Independence over generating billing Championing Learning over avoiding risk Building Relationships over building transactions Inviting Participation over assigning […]