Three faces of power

I am convinced that we need to change existing power structures in order to achieve organizational democracy. An example are the struggles we see with scaling agile software development to the whole organization. This is ultimately a question of changing the power distribution. Kenneth E. Boulding defines the three faces of power as: Threat Power […]

Let’s take self-organization seriously

We are in the middle of December and the days are short up here in the northern part of Europe, but it’s not only a dark time of the year. I have recently encountered musings about the darkness in the world in the books I have read. Margaret Wheatley writes for example in her new […]

John Buck explains sociocracy

John Buck, one of the authors of We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy, explains sociocracy / dynamic governance in this video. He is interviewed by Jim Rough, the originator of the wisdom council process. Related posts: Sociocracy requires a new mindset Scrum vs. Sociocracy Sociocratic principles can be implemented in many ways Sociocracy is […]

Ten principles of organizational democracy

WorldBlu has put together the following ten principles of organizational democracy. These principles have been discovered after a decade of research. Purpose and Vision Transparency Dialogue + Listening Fairness + Dignity Accountability Individual + Collective Choice Integrity Decentralization Reflection + Evaluation