What is Dialogue?

The following quotes are from posts by Susan Taylor at What Is Dialogue (emphasis mine). The process of Dialogue is designed to create opportunities for new understandings — a space where new knowledge can be born. Through active listening, treating people equally, balancing opinions with inquiry and suspending judgement — by speaking honestly, noticing your […]

The Elements

The Elements with Joseph Jaworski is an interesting series of short videos on: Generative Strategy — integrating experience along the strategic path as it unfolds Discovery — The heart of the entrepreneurial impulse is your capacity to discover new ways to grow a business Power Of Intention — opening doors with commitment Generative Dialogue — […]

Dynamic facilitation

Jim Rough and Rosa Zubizarreta has written a Manual and Reader for Dynamic Facilitation and the Choice-Creating Process on evoking practical group creativity and transformation through generative dialogue. The manual covers the groundwork, basic elements of the facilitator’s role, how to get started, key aspects of the different meeting stages, and applications. The reader part […]

Book Review: Labcraft

Labcraft: How innovation labs cultivate change through experimentation and collaboration is a book which illustrates ways in which labs cultivate change through experimentation and collaboration. The labs themselves are part of an emerging family of hybrid organizations which create dialogue, cross-pollinate perspectives, and create space for new things to emerge. The book was co-authored by […]

A guided meditation through our interiors

Here is a video with Genpo Roshi who has integrated aspects of Zen state training with Voice Dialogue. The process works by engaging the “voices” of the ego—such as desire, fear, and “the controller”—and then moving into an experience of Big Mind/Big Heart, and the integrated free-functioning self. My question is whether this self really […]

Solving Tough Problems

Adam Kahane has written a book on Solving Tough Problems: An Open Way of Talking, Listening, and Creating New Realities. Tough problems are complex across three dimensions: dynamic, generative, and social complexity. Dynamic complexity is when cause and effect are far apart in time and space. Generative complexity is high when the future is unpredictable […]

Principles for our journey from self to Self, from we to We

As human beings, we are on an open-ended life journey full of breakdowns and breakthroughs. It’s a journey that is about becoming who we really are. This journey requires us to move although we cannot fully see. It takes courage to leap into the unknown. Here is a summary of twelve principles and practices that […]

Future Search for product line redesign

Future Search is a planning meeting setup which has been in use since the early 1980s. IKEA has used Future Search for product line redesign as described in Faster, Shorter, Cheaper May Be Simple; It’s Never Easy by Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff. I find the approach interesting. Here’s a short summary: IKEA sought to […]

Crucial ingredients for collective action

Petra Kuenkel writes on her blog that: “Innovative approaches and new solutions often derive from people’s ability to dialogue and partner for the future. The quality of how we do this matters. People implement what they have helped to create.” She lists the following ingredients for successful collective action: Understand the system Create resonance Prepare […]

Organizational metamorphosis

Goethe’s Way of Science makes it possible to see the continuous form and metamorphosis of the growing plant. What I’m wondering about is whether organizations are like plants? If so, this has profound implications on how we see and think about organizations. Henri Bortoft writes in The Wholeness of Nature: Goethe’s Way of Science (page […]