The differences between discussion and dialogue

Dialogue is an approach to organisational interaction developed initially by the physicist David Bohm. The following briefly describes the differences between discussion and dialogue: Further Reading A paper on dialogue by David Bohm, Donald Factor & Peter Garrett, Dialogue: A Proposal. Sherryl and Patrick Stalinski offer a free booklet, The Dialogue Kit, which they describe […]

Ten principles of organizational democracy

WorldBlu has put together the following ten principles of organizational democracy. These principles have been discovered after a decade of research. Purpose and Vision Transparency Dialogue + Listening Fairness + Dignity Accountability Individual + Collective Choice Integrity Decentralization Reflection + Evaluation

Book Review: Future Search

Future Search by Marvin Weisbord & Sandra Janoff is a planning meeting setup involving the whole system. It has been in use since the early 1980s. I find the approach interesting since it flattens hierarchies, broaden the lines of communication, and encourages a dialogue born from the deep knowledge in each person in the system. The […]