Principles of conversation

The following principles of conversation are from The Art of Convening by Craig & Patricia Neal with Cynthia Wold: Listen … with respect for all the voices. …  without fixing, problem-solving, advice-giving. Speak from Your Own Experience Speak from the “l,”from your own experience. What is on your mind/heart? Slow Down the Conversation Allow pauses […]

Shape Your Thinking

Brandy Agerbeck, who is an artist, graphic facilitator and author of The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide, shares how to Shape Your Thinking in this visual and inspirational TEDxWindCity talk. Brandy goes through the five powers we hold in our hands to visualize and understand our thinking: Chunk, Sort-Group, Connect, Scale, and Grasp. Brandy then describes how […]

When software developers embrace visual facilitation

Øredev is an annual software development conference held in Malmö Sweden. The program staff at Øredev were so excited about visual facilitation that they invited ImageThink be conference speakers and teachers. Here’s the story: ImageThink in Sweden. One of the conference participants thought that ImageThink’s workshop was probably the most useful event at the conference.

Visual facilitation training (continued)

I have had two fantastic days with Fran O’Hara in her Graphic & Visual Facilitation Training at Wallace Space in London. Visual recording is a very effective way of capturing the essence and key messages of a meeting. It became very clear during the training that Fran has many, many years of experience. She has […]