Contrasting Sociocracy and Holacracy

Sociocracy is an interesting dynamic governance method which is described in We the People. Aspects of sociocracy are incorporated into Holacracy. This video contrasts the underlying intentions and practical differences between the two methods. I think this is an example of where the same principles, but with different intentions, leads to different practices. I would […]

Holakrati, holokrati och sociokrati

Carl Blomberg, som driver bloggen Agil HR, twittrade häromdagen om Holacracy at Adscale Laboratories: Agile for the Entire Organization. Det väckte min uppmärksamhet och fick mig att titta närmare på holakrati (eng holacracy). Jag googlade och hittade en introduktion till holakrati skriven av upphovsmannen Brian Robertson själv. Man kan säga att holakrati är ett sätt […]


Holacracy (not holocracy) is a company trademark of HolacracyOne. Holacracy includes several practices which are based on sociocracy. Sociocratic practices which are adopted by holacracy are: Circle organization Double linking Decision by integrative emergence Dynamic steering Integrative elections There is a US Patent Application on Holacracy which has been abandoned: Method for Structuring and Controlling […]