Book Review: First Steps to Seeing

First Steps to Seeing: A Path Towards Living Attentively is Emma Kidd’s first book. Emma Kidd “left the fashion industry to investigate alternative ways of thinking about and doing business” (p. 11). What she didn’t expect was that her explorations would take her right back to the very foundation for her previous work as designer […]

Ett exempel på värdegrund

För några år sedan hörde jag en föreläsning av Nirvan Richter, grundare av Norrgavel. Föredraget handlade dels om hantverket i möbelsnickeri, dels om Norrgavels värdegrund. Nirvan Richter är en färgstark person med starka värderingar. Norrgavels värdegrund är tredelad och har ett humanistiskt, ett ekologiskt och ett existensiellt perspektiv: Humanistisk – om människan: Ambitionen är alltid […]

Remember to live the questions now

Remember to be deeply honest with yourself, deeply aware of yourself. It requires that you face choices and realize that sometimes the right choice are difficult ones. Remember that the way forward demands the most intense personal integrity. It demands that you become aware of and live out of that deep center in yourself that […]

The Elements

The Elements with Joseph Jaworski is an interesting series of short videos on: Generative Strategy — integrating experience along the strategic path as it unfolds Discovery — The heart of the entrepreneurial impulse is your capacity to discover new ways to grow a business Power Of Intention — opening doors with commitment Generative Dialogue — […]

How will companies approach the management challenge?

Here is a visionary tweet by Kenneth Mikkelsen on how companies in the future will approach the management challenge. The businesses will: Have a higher purpose beyond making profit Hire people who are passionate about this higher purpose See all shareholders as equally important Cultivate long-term relationships with suppliers Have open doors and be transparent […]

Life-giving work

Life-giving work is bringing something meaning-filled into being. Bringing something into being requires flexibility and ability to adapt one’s capacities to the demands of the situation. As some degree of mastery is gained, what is brought into being can can become expressive of something that has its own integrity and beauty. These thoughts were inspired […]