Book Review: Holonomics

Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter by Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson is a book which places business within the overall ecosystem of the biosphere. Holonomics is a combination of ‘holos’ (the whole) and economics. The authors highlight the limitations and traps within the current ways of thinking in business. The book is […]

Leadership lessons from Nelson Mandela

Steve Tappin contemplates and celebrates Nelson Mandela’s legend by listing seven profound leadership lessons that we can learn from him: Master your meaning and your emotions Treat the losers with dignity and turn them into partners Shift perspectives through symbolism and shared experiences Embody the spirit of Ubuntu Everybody feels bigger in your presence Build […]

Principles for our journey from self to Self, from we to We

As human beings, we are on an open-ended life journey full of breakdowns and breakthroughs. It’s a journey that is about becoming who we really are. This journey requires us to move although we cannot fully see. It takes courage to leap into the unknown. Here is a summary of twelve principles and practices that […]

Book Review: Mind and Heart

Mind and Heart – Mapping Your Personal Journey Towards Leadership For Sustainability by Petra Kuenkel is a book which shows how we can use our life and leadership experiences to make more meaningful contributions to the world. Petra invites us to review our own leadership journeys in the light of other people’s experiences. She offers […]

Democracy & Freedom in Organizations

In Nicholas Beechcroft’s exploration of the Future of Western Civilization he interviews Traci Fenton on organizational democracy and freedom. Traci explains the ten key principles of organizational democracy, and how a democratic workplace leads to improved engagement, meaning, creativity, productivity, health, and profit. She describes where it works and where it doesn’t, and gives some […]