Samtycke bakom framgången i vinter-OS

Andreas Björkman skriver på om hemligheten bakom Sveriges framgångar i skidspåren vid vinter-OS i Sotji 2014 och citerar Johan Olsson och Rikard Grip. “Vi har fått bestämma i stort sett hela tiden och sedan har vi haft ett team bakom som har vågat lita på vår erfarenhet och gett oss resurserna“, säger Johan Olsson. […]

The upside of self-management

Gary Hamel provides suggestions on how unpack self-management in his new book What Matters Now. Why bother? Well, here is the upside of self-management from What Matters Now, pages 223-225: More initiative – people do help each other if given the opportunity, initiative flourishes More expertise – people do take responsibility for the quality of […]

What is authentic leadership?

Kevin Kruse summarizes different views on authentic leadership in his Forbes article from May 12, 2013. According to him, most theorists agree that authentic leaders: Are self-aware and genuine. Are mission driven and focused on results. Lead with their heart, not just their minds. Focus on the long-term. Inspired by Petra Kuenkel (Mind & Heart) […]

Leadership lessons from Nelson Mandela

Steve Tappin contemplates and celebrates Nelson Mandela’s legend by listing seven profound leadership lessons that we can learn from him: Master your meaning and your emotions Treat the losers with dignity and turn them into partners Shift perspectives through symbolism and shared experiences Embody the spirit of Ubuntu Everybody feels bigger in your presence Build […]

Principles for collaborative leadership

I occasionally see suggestions that business leaders should act more like orchestra conductors. The idea being that you as a leader should guide your business like a conductor leads an orchestra. Well, you shouldn’t! When asked if the orchestra conductor is a good role model for business leaders, Ben Zander, a conductor himself, answered: “It’s […]