Pre-conditions for self-organization

The following is a quote from The Power of Spirit: How Organizations Transform by Harrison Owen (p. 42). “The essential preconditions for self-organization, according to [Stuart] Kauffman, are the following: A nutrient-rich, relatively protected environment A high level of diversity and potential complexity in terms of the elements present A drive for improvement Sparse pre-existing […]

Self-organization is the real operating system

Here are quotes of Daniel Mezick from an email to the World wide Open Space Technology email list March 20, 2015. (My emphasis in bold.) Harrison you once said recently: “The real operating system is self-organization, Daniel. Everything else is an app. Open Space included!” I’ve just recently integrated this idea more fully into my […]

Emergence is simply what life does

Here are quotes of Harrison Owen on the World wide Open Space Technology email list March 7, 2015. (My highlights in bold.) “Emergence is simply what life does – it just pops up randomly and never follows a plan, or certainly not any plan we might have made. The shift from ‘self organization’ to ’emergence’ […]

How will companies approach the management challenge?

Here is a visionary tweet by Kenneth Mikkelsen on how companies in the future will approach the management challenge. The businesses will: Have a higher purpose beyond making profit Hire people who are passionate about this higher purpose See all shareholders as equally important Cultivate long-term relationships with suppliers Have open doors and be transparent […]

Pre-conditions for self-organization

The following is a quote from Harrison Owen on the World wide Open Space Technology email list October 14, 2014. I have changed the formatting. “The essential pre-conditions for self-organization are: A Real business issue (something that people really care about). High levels of complexity such that no single person or group has a prayer […]

Sociokrati är som en skogsträdgård

Esbjörn Wandt skriver i Skogsträdgården på Holma att “det finns intressanta paralleller mellan hur sociokrati och en skogsträdgård fungerar” eftersom båda bygger på självorganisation. I artikeln beskriver Esbjörn hur det levande bygger på “ett samspel mellan självorganiserande enheter” och “ett ständigt flöde av energi, materia och information“. På samma sätt påminner sociokrati om naturen med sina självstyrande […]

What if the organization is a living system?

Holacracy is described as a new operating system 1 for evolution-powered organizations. It’s a punchy analogy which people understand. What people seem to forget is this: The operating system as a metaphor requires people to execute the programming code, but people aren’t microprocessors. This might seem like playing with words, but metaphors both reflect and […]

Practices related to self-management

Self-managed organizations adapt continuously, fluidly, and organically provided a few basic practices are put in place. Frederic Laloux emphasizes the following three practice in Reinventing Organizations (pp. 270—271): Decision-making (by consent): Make sure that all can make any decision, as long as they seek advice from people affected and people who have expertise. Conflict resolution: […]