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Adobe’s customer support isn’t customer care

I had a very poor experience with Adobe customer support the other day.

Here’s my story:

I contacted Adobe because I wanted to cancel a Creative Cloud membership from a future date. What happened was that the membership was cancelled immediately.

When I noticed it and complained, I  got what I thought was a free subscription with two months free. Here’s the chat…

So I went ahead and signed up for the subscription…

But when I asked for the refund I got the answer that the subscription isn’t eligible for a refund, which was confirmed by @AdobeCare.


The irony in all this, is that I got two months free but have paid for the first month twice (with the subscription which was cancelled AND the new subscription).

Adobe, this isn’t customer care, or ”real help from real people.”

Update 2016-10-01:
Adobe reviewed the full case history and created a refund after I published this post.

However, then I received an additional invoice.

Surprise again!

European cities do away with traffic signs

Spiegel Online reports that traffic signs are being removed in 7 European cities to good effect. ”European traffic planners are dreaming of streets free of rules and directives. They want drivers and pedestrians to interact in a free and humane way, as brethren — by means of friendly gestures, nods of the head and eye contact, without the harassment of prohibitions, restrictions and warning signs.”  Results are traffic flows better and there are fewer accidents. I think this is an example of people being autonomic.

Beat depression without drugs

Stephen Ilardi argues in The Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program to Beat Depression without Drugs that the rate of depression is roughly ten times higher today than it was just two generations ago because our modern life-style. His lifestyle based cure for beating depression without antidepressants has six elements:

  • Physical activity (exercise)
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Sunlight
  • Healthy sleep
  • Engaging (anti-ruminative) activity
  • Social support

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Management & to manage (English-Swedish translations)

The noun management and the verb manage cannot be directly translated into Swedish.
Below are possible English-Swedish translations:

The verb manage comes from the Italian maneggiare (to handle, especially tools), which derives from the Latin word manus (hand).

management {noun}
förvaltning · styrelse · skötsel · direktion · ledning · hanteringssystem · handhavande · hantering

to manage {verb}
ordna · sköta · lyckas · leda · behandla · ta hand om · tygla · orkar · klara · klara av · klara sig · orka med · ha hand om · handha · reda sig · lyckas med · orka