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Poem: Organizing


isn’t about logic
or engineering

it’s less about design
and more about aliveness

on paper, our systems
look marvelous

in reality, they
are deadening

the solution is not
better management,
or more control

but about having fun,
playing more

anything else is
terribly wrong

unhappy people
make for
unproductive work

when people
do what they love and
love what they do

everything is

Where is home?


I’ve missed it,

my whole life.

The place

where I belong.

The place

for rest,



The place

where I can be I,

and you can be you.

My whole life

has been a search

for the way home.

Home to myself.

What is my pain?

It’s strange.

I never thought of myself as a lover.

But it touches me deeply.

My pain is a loving sensitivity.


Different stories come to my mind.

I’ll tell them another time.

Maybe all this is a construction?

But I think not.

Right now!