The territory beyond

Chapter Twenti-six, in Pathways to Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander, is about The Territory Beyond. Rosamund Stone Zander writes that The Territory Beyond is “beyond what we know and expect of ourselves as human beings, beyond the norms of achievement …, beyond our ordinary measures …, and beyond what we picture as vitality” (p.189). In The […]

Diane Musho Hamilton on exploring truth in all points

Here is an article1 by Diane Musho Hamilton where she comments on the US presidential election 2016. Hamilton writes (my emphasis in bold): “… because [truth] … is fragmented, our interiors feel fragmented. When it becomes so difficult to find the truth, we start to allow crude and reductive discourse to limit our own minds. […]

David Bohm on ecology, organization, thinking, dialogue, and wholeness

David Bohm on ecology, organization, thinking, dialogue, and wholeness:1 “… the ecology in itself is not a problem. It works perfectly well by itself. Its due to us, right?” “The earth is one household really, but we are not treating it that way …” “… the more you made society big and you had organization, […]

Holacracy and Arthur Koestler

The organizational structure in Holacracy is a holarchy, a term coined by Arthur Koestler in The Ghost in the Machine. Brian Robertson writes in his book on Holacracy that: The type of structure used for organizations in Holacracy is not a traditional hierarchy, but a “holarchy.” Arthur Koestler coined the term in his 1967 book […]

Michelle Holliday on thrivability

I tweet quotes from the books I read from my twitter account @janhoglund. Here is a compilation of the most retweeted and liked quotes from Michelle Holliday’s upcoming book The Age of Thrivability: Vital Perspectives and Practices for a Better World (in italics): … thrivability – the intention and practice of enabling life to thrive […]

Carol Black on the wildness of children

Carol Black writes the following in On the Wildness of Children (my emphasis in bold): When we first take children from the world and put them in an institution, they cry. … But gradually, over the many years of confinement, they adjust. … The same people who do not see themselves as “above” nature but […]