Retrospective 2019-32—39

This is a summary of my reading and painting over the past two months. Painting I mentioned in my previous retrospective that I’ve created another website where I share my art. Below are some of my recent paintings. Reading I’ve read the following books: Bohm-Biederman Correspondence: Creativity in Art and Science by David Bohm and […]

Retrospective 2019-26

This is a look back at my reading and painting during the week, including some reflections. Reflections I made the following notes to myself this month: Life is self-creating in a dynamically alive universe. Generative organizing is autopoietic. Allopoietic operating principles are “poisonous” for living systems. Organizing between and beyond is about moving beyond the […]

Retrospective 2019-22

This is a look back at my reading and painting during the week. Painting I enjoy painting trees and flowers, water and sky! It’s meditative. Reading I’ve read David Abram’s The Spell of the Sensuous this week. I’ve also read, or rather re-read, Elisabet Sahtouris’ EarthDance during week. I was reminded that what Elisabet Sahtouris […]