Wirearchy vs. sociocracy

After having read the book Wirearchy: Sketches for the Future of Work I have started to think about the similarities and differences between wirearchy and sociocracy. The first thing I notice is that wirearchy is an organizational design principle 1 while sociocracy, or rather the Sociocratic Circle-Organization Method, is a collaborative governance method 2. What […]

Book Review: Wirearchy

Wirearchy: Sketches for the Future of Work is an ebook by the Wirearchy Commons. The persons who have contributed to the book are (in alphabetical order) Thierry de Baillon, Jon Husband, Harold Jarche, Valdis Krebs, Richard Martin, Jane McConnell, Anne-Marie McEwan, Robert Paterson, Luis Suarez, and Frederic Williquet. Jon Husband coined the term wirearchy in […]

On working in a connected workplace

Jon Husband has been studying the sociology of human social systems and the structures and dynamics of the organizations in which they work and play for the last 40 years. He has coined and defined the term and concept of wirearchy, which is a dynamic two-way flow of power and authority based on knowledge, trust, […]