The territory beyond

Source: Rosamund Stone Zander, Pathways to Possibility (Viking, 2016), p. 189.

Chapter Twenti-six, in Pathways to Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander, is about The Territory Beyond.

Rosamund Stone Zander writes that The Territory Beyond is “beyond what we know and expect of ourselves as human beings, beyond the norms of achievement …, beyond our ordinary measures …, and beyond what we picture as vitality” (p.189).

In The Territory Beyond “the distinction between what it is that we want and what life wants fades and ultimately disappears” (p.189). “We feel whole and in tune …” (p.189).

We can’t get to The Territory Beyond all by ourselves because “there is no such thing as a human being by herself” (p.189). “We don’t exist alone” (p.189). Yet, the territory is “located inside” each one of us “where all of creation resides” (p.190).

The Territory Beyond “might be described as a deeper level of reality than we are familiar with” (p.190). It takes an “open, curious, and creative” mind that is “willing to have its worldview overthrown” to locate the territory (p.190).

We enter into The Territory Beyond by “committing to … exploration” (p.190). We simply “engage without reservation, without knowing the outcome” (p.191). The field of the territory “highlights experiences” like “the surprise and pleasure of seeing the world anew” (p.191).

The inquiry into a deeper generative order for organizing, an organizing beyond, requires that we enter into The Territory Beyond. It is a territory beyond the explicate order.

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