The Three Principles

The Three Principles are defined as:

  • Mind—The energy and intelligence of all life
  • Consciousness—The gift of awareness
  • Thought—The creative agent we use to direct us through life

Here are short videos where Aaron Turner, Mara Gleason, Michael Neill, and Tanya Kennard explains what the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought means to them:

Aaron Turner

  1. The Three Principles
  2. Business
  3. Parenting

Mara Gleason 1(2)

  1. Three Principles
  2. How can people change so quickly?
  3. What is an insight?
  4. Wisdom going beyond the brain
  5. It’s all about thought!
  6. You’re always ok

Mara Gleason 2(2)

  1. Introduction
  2. What are you seeing new?
  3. The power of ‘seeing’
  4. Three principles and business

Michael Neill

  1. Coaching and the Three Principles
  2. Ground of experience
  3. Wisdom and personal thinking – Same source
  4. Inside-out and outside-in
  5. Thought revolution
  6. Relationships and the Three Principles
  7. Religion and the Three principles
  8. Potential for humanity

Tanya Kennard

  1. On the current mental health paradigm
  2. What are the Three Principles?
  3. On parenting
  4. On the mental health field
  5. Talking about thought

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