The upside of self-management

Gary Hamel provides suggestions on how unpack self-management in his new book What Matters Now. Why bother? Well, here is the upside of self-management from What Matters Now, pages 223-225:

  • More initiative – people do help each other if given the opportunity, initiative flourishes
  • More expertise – people do take responsibility for the quality of their work
  • More flexibility – people are freer to act in ways that fit best with circumstances
  • More collegiality – people don’t need to kiss backsides when there is no pyramid
  • More judgment – people do make timely and apposite decisions if allowed to
  • More loyalty – people don’t need to move elsewhere when given the chance to grow
  • Less overhead – there is no need of managers telling people what to do

Published by Jan Höglund

Jan Höglund has over 35 years of experience in different roles as software developer, project manager, line manager, consultant, and researcher. He shares his reading, book reviews, and learning on his personal blog.

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