Value-intelligence as organizing order

Value-intelligence within life is related to my interest in organizing principles. I think it’s an example of a deeper generative order for organizing that is present in anything that’s alive. Here are my other posts on organizing.

Skye Hirst, Co-Founder of The Autognomics Institute (TAI), presents here the idea of a Value-Intelligence present in living organisms. Skye Hirst writes (my emphasis in bold):

“… capacities for value-intelligence are operative throughout all living contexts …”

“… anything … alive … is a dynamic organism, and … functions according to similar organizing principles.”

“… we act from assumptions that are formed through our value lenses …”

“[The Hartman Value Profile] … points to the existence of … organizing principles of value-intelligence within life …”

“[The] … inner intelligence does not control; it liberates and frees living entities to find the most effective acts …”

“… there are organizing principles that allow … for all life to be co-creative, self-organizing …”

Skye Hirst introduced me to the Hartman Value Profile in February 2017. It was amazing to experience how quickly Skye helped me to picture my own inner relational realities. I could understand some of how my own value intelligence has developed. And it was immensely helpful to see where I have my own strengths and blindnesses.

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