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Autognomics: Radical self-knowing

Autognomics translates from Greek and basically means “know yourself at the deepest possible level”. Autonomics points to a unique characteristic of how life-knows itself. The “g”, making it autognomics, is added for greater clarity of meaning drawing from the word gnostic, to know.

Skye Hirst is co-founder of The Autognomics Institute. The mission of the institute is to understand and express the fundamental organizing principles of Life Itself, translate this understanding into practice, and promote universal awareness of this knowledge. An example of a fundamental organizing principle is the inalienable right to be free to act according to one’s own beinghood. Skye Hirst writes (emphasis mine):

For instance, it is an inalienable right for living entities to be free to act according to their own beinghood. This is a foundational principle of democracy. However, as many of us do not know about this inalienable right, some people in power take it away by imposing overly tight controls with harsh rules and punishments, believing they will keep order. The over-emphasis on rules/lawsin attempts to control organisms actually breaks a living law. Organism ways will always push to maintain the freedom to be autonomous and to act by “self-law.” Arbitrary authoritarian and dom[in]eering constraints are never strong enough to stop an organism’s power to create itself… It’s creative being ourselves while living in different conditions and situations and finding the mix of value dynamics that enable us best to function where we are.
— Skye Hirst

Update 2019-02-27:
Links updated.

Skye Hirst, Value Intelligence In All Creative Organisms

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