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  • My view on management dashboards

    I have encountered many different kinds of management dashboards over the years. I’ve been there, I’ve done that! Let me share a story of what happened when one of my managers left the company. It turned out that he had protected his people. When my manager had left I learned that his manager wanted to […]

  • Dee Hock on forming a chaordic organization

    Birth of the Chaordic Age by Dee Hock is one of my favorite books. The Prologue: On the Nature and Creation of Charodic organizations is particularly interesting. A reprint with permission can be found here. Chaordic organizing is about releasing what people desire in the depth of their being, the passion they have for it, […]

  • My 10 Year Summary: What I Have Learned

    Contents 1. Introduction2. Background3. My Journey 3.1. The initial years (2012–2015) 3.2. The middle years (2016–2018) 3.3. The final years (2019–2022)4. Conclusions5. Afterword6. Acknowledgments7. Recommended Books 1. Introduction I started blogging ten years ago today (Sept 26, 2012). At the same time, I started searching for life-giving ways of working. This is a summary of my journey and […]

  • Henri Bortoft on wholeness in organizations

    Simon Robinson inspired me to read Henri Bortoft’s two books The Wholeness of Nature and Taking Appearance Seriously. While reading these books I was struck by the thought that in order to see life in work we need to a dynamic way of seeing. I am currently re-reading Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson’s book […]

  • Rúna Bouius on Managing People

    Rúna Bouius suggests in a newsletter that we need to replace the term “managing people” with something else. Rúna writes (Sept 3, 2022) that: It started with a young leader…contacting me to ask for advice about a workplace dilemma. He explained how he…likes to reach out to subordinates so he can understand where they are […]

  • New orders reflect new values

    The world crumbles. New orders are emerging. Conditions are getting worse and worse. There is less and less to hold on to. There are fewer givens to assume. How to live? What to do? How to organize? The world is falling apart. Fear deepens as necessary orders are lost. Events force rapid reassessment of everything, […]

  • How to make living structure?

    Christopher Alexander on how to make living structure: …success in making living structure…comes from the ability of the maker, at each step in the unfolding process, to do the thing which is required—at each instant to do the thing which is most consistent with wholeness. …and that, of course, depends on the extent to which […]

  • Vårt sätt att organisera är människofientligt

    I detta inlägg reflekterar jag över Jonna Bornemarks artikel Vårt sätt att organisera samhället har blivit människofientligt i DN 2019-12-25. Texten i artikeln är ursprungligen från ett tal som Jonna Bornemark höll i samband med Riksmötets öppnande 2019-09-10. Jonna Bornemark skriver att “frågan om hur vi organiserar vårt offentliga samhälle har blivit alltmer akut”. “Svaret […]

  • Organizing as synergistic relationality

    Here is a post by David Ing with notes from a plenary Christopher Alexander Lecture by David Seamon at PUARL 2018 Conference. David Seamon talked about wholeness, where the whole remains whole. Wholeness is a global thing, easy to feel, hard to define. Seamon makes the following distinction between analytic vs. synergistic relationality. Analytic relationality– […]

  • Two work perspectives

    Watts Humphrey and Dee Hock are two pioneers, in different areas, and in different ways. They also have two very different ways of seeing work. Watts Humphrey: Work is, or has to be, repeatable Watts Humphrey provides his view on process improvement in Three Process Perspectives: Organizations, Teams, and People (Kluwer Academic Publishers, Annals of […]