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Implementing sociocracy without sociocracy

Implementing sociocracy without sociocracy might seem as a contradiction in terms, but what I mean is that it is possible to implement sociocracy (the principles) without sociocracy (the method). I have written previously here, here, and here that sociocratic principles can be implemented in many ways.

It’s important to make the distinction between sociocratic principles on one hand, and any particular implementation of sociocracy on the other. The Sociocratic Circle-organization Method is one way to make sociocratic principles operational. Furthermore, you can still abuse the principles even if you use a sociocratic method. What’s important is not the method, but the attitude! If you don’t understand the principles, no method will help. A method might help understanding the principles, but it’s no guarantee.

What’s so fundamental with the sociocratic principles?  I think it’s feedback and autonomy. Organizations are living systems, and living systems are made up of a staggering number of feedback loops. These feedback loops need to be interlinked in such a way that the organization continuously can adapt its internal organization to the changing demands of its environment. The ability to self-organize is in turn dependent on autonomy. The people in the organization must be able to make their own informed choices. And it will require definite (but open) boundaries, which connect the organization and its people with the world around it. A living organization has feedback and autonomy at its roots.

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