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New orders reflect new values

The world crumbles. New orders are emerging.
Conditions are getting worse and worse.
There is less and less to hold on to.
There are fewer givens to assume.
How to live? What to do? How to organize?

The world is falling apart.
Fear deepens as necessary orders are lost.
Events force rapid reassessment of everything,
    events of such scope that no one can escape.
Everyone is forced into the melting pot of survival.
Life as we know it is shattered.

As survivors find each other, new orders begin to form.
New social institutions spring into being,
    reflecting new values, and new ways of thinking.
Every aspect of life is marked by new priorites,
    and new perceptions of what is good.
The new orders reflect new states of awareness,
    and elicit still deeper levels of self-awareness.
Creativity flourishes and aliveness is expressed in new ways.

By Jan Höglund

I share my reading, book reviews, and learning in my blog.

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