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Real vs. fake sociocracy

Bob Emiliani writes about real vs. fake Lean on his blog.

Emiliani’s point is that real Lean includes respect for people.

I think there is a similar situation with real vs. fake sociocracy.

Fake sociocracy
Gerard Endenburg says, for example, in this article that the greatest danger when introducing sociocracy is that it is half done.

It is so simple, and many people think it is. They are using it in a way that makes me think: no!

Our experience is that often only consent is introduced, but not the other principles. First, the double link is omitted.

In other words, fake sociocracy leaves out key elements.

Real sociocracy
I know from having read Gerard Endenburg’s two major books on sociocracy that equivalence is very important for Endenburg.

Real sociocracy is based on the core value of equivalence.

However, equivalence can be abused in many subtle (and not so subtle) ways.

By Jan Höglund

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