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The big misconception in sociocracy

Georges Romme analyzes The Big Misconceptions Holding Holacracy Back in the 10 September 2015 issue of the Harvard Business Review.  Sharon Villines provides a summary and commentary on Romme’s article in the Misconceptions about Sociocracy at on 18 September 2015. Here are my own comments.

I agree with Georges Romme that Holacracy and sociocracy share “key principles, with the main differences arising from jargon“, and have written about it here. I disagree with Romme that the “real problem with holacracy isn’t the ideas behind it“. The key idea in both Holacracy and sociocracy is that “management should be viewed as a mechanism — an “operating system” in holacracy — for distributing power and leadership throughout the organization“. I find the cognitive model of human beings as autonomous rule-following entities inadequate, and have written about it here and here. This is perhaps the big misconception which has held sociocracy back since the 1970s? This might also be the stumbling block for Holacracy and sociocracy going forward? Time will tell!

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