Unspoken sociocracy principles

Below are the unspoken sociocracy principles as Ted Millich sees them. The quote is from his mail to the Sociocracy email discussion list on Yahoo, April 24, 2015:

“I once made a list of what I thought were sort of unspoken sociocracy principles and asked Gerard Endenburg what he thought about them.

Endenburg told me that he thought transparency was the most important quality, so I added it

Here’s my list of all the elements of sociocracy (which includes the 4 principles):
1. Transparency
2. Purpose: Regularly Updated Vision, Mission, and Aim
3. Consent Decision-Making for policy and elections
4. Feedback
    a) Within circles – Measuring in the circle process
    b) Between circles – Double Links
    c) With outsiders in the top circle
    e) Compensation – Monetary and other
    f) Circles examine Workflow (The 9-Block Chart)
5. Self-Ownership (The enterprise buys itself from its owners)
6. Continuous Development (Integral Education)
7. Logbooks (Institutional Memory)
8. Embrace the Paradox (By sharing power you have more power, constant change becomes a steady state, Measuring something changes it, John Buck suggested this)

Of these, the ones that aren’t included in the 4 Principles are:
1. Transparency
4[e]. Compensation – Monetary and other
6. Continuous Development (Integral Education)
8. Embrace the Paradox (By sharing power you have more power, constant change becomes a steady state, Measuring something changes it)

Maybe transparency is a prerequisite for feedback just as equivalence is a prerequisite for consent decision-making? And maybe, self-responsibility is a prerequisite for continuous development?

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