Domination Structures

I have recently read Speak Peace in a World of Conflict: What You Say Next Will Change Your World by Marshall Rosenberg. Marschall defines a domination system as a system in which a few people control many people to their own advantage. In domination systems people are trained to think in ways that support the system. This requires:

  1. Suppression of self
    It means you deny your own feelings and needs.
  2. Moralistic judgments
    These are judgments which implies right or wrong. We judge for example other persons, and even ourselves, as wrong or bad. This includes insults, put downs, labels, name calling, and criticism.
  3. Bureaucractic language
    It is a language which denies choice. It uses words like ”should” and ”have to”.
  4. Deserve thinking
    This is a thinking which leads to demands and coercion.



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