Henri Bortoft’s Schumacher Lectures 2009

Simon Robinson shares Henri Bortoft’s 2009 Schumacher College Lectures on his blog Transition Consciousness: Making the transition to a better world.

Below is an overview of all the lectures with links to Simon Robinson’s introductions to each lecture.

Introduction to the lecturesLink
2.1Belonging togetherLinkLink
2.2Systems thinkingLinkLink
3Goethe’s experiments on colour Link
4.1Seeing dynamicallyLinkLink
4.2Exploring inward experienceLinkLink
4.3Dynamical thinkingLinkLink
5.1Dynamic conception of wholenessLinkLink
5.2Participatory consciousnessLinkLink
Putting it into practiceLink

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  1. This is a really useful table. Many thanks for compiling Jan. There are two more lectures, then the bibliography and a final summing up. The next lecture, day five, should be around January 26th as Maria and I are travelling right now.

    Warm regards

    1. I’m looking forward to the next two lectures Simon. I’ll update the table when they are published.

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