Poem: Surrender


Early morning.
Awake, alone, lost.

My life!
My dreams?

I pretend I'm OK,
but I'm not.

I'm bone achingly tired
from the relentless game.

I long for a place in the world
where I belong without struggle.

A place in the world
of belonging without condition.

A place beyond right and wrong,
beyond all my best efforts.

A place where I'm faced
with my unfiltered voice.

A place where vulnerability
is transformed into courage.

In service of connectedness 
and Life itself.

Do you know where this place is?
And how to get there?

Let's travel together.
As explorers in felt sense.

The felt sense is a physically sensed knowing.
The body knows the whole of each of situation,
vastly more aspects of it than you can think.
See Eugene Gendlin, Focusing, pp.vii-viii.

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