Remember to live the questions now

Remember to be deeply honest with yourself, deeply aware of yourself. It requires that you face choices and realize that sometimes the right choice are difficult ones.

Remember that the way forward demands the most intense personal integrity. It demands that you become aware of and live out of that deep center in yourself that transcends all the fragments into which your life has been shattered. It demands that you re-collect yourself, including those parts of yourself that it has been painful or difficult to own.

Remember to stand open to experience, to recapture the ability to see life and others afresh as through the eyes of a child. It demands that you cease to seek refuge in what you know, and constantly explore and learn from what you do not know. It demands that you live the questions rather than the answers.

Live the questions now,
Perhaps you will then, gradually,
Without noticing it,
Live along some distant day
Into the answer.


Source: Inspired by Spiritual Intelligence: The Ultimate Intelligence by Danah Zohar & Ian Marshall, page 296.


Published by Jan Höglund

Jan Höglund has over 35 years of experience in different roles as software developer, project manager, line manager, consultant, and researcher. This is his personal blog where he shares his reading, book reviews, and learning.

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