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Interview with Gerard Endenburg

Here is Ben Kuiken’s interview with Gerard Endenburg “Sociocracy is the only way forward”.

Endenburg says that: “Even in his own former company, the adjacent Endenburg Electronics, the double clutch [double-link] is no longer intact.”

This means that Endenburg Electronics isn’t fully sociocratic any longer. It’s not mentioned in the article, but the reason seems to be that Piet Slieker is no longer CEO. (However, I haven’t got this confirmed.)

Endenburg also says that: “… the biggest misunderstanding about sociocracy: it is not anti-hierarchical. Hierarchy means nothing else than order, and there is nothing wrong with that.”

Maybe the hierarchy was too strong at Endenburg Electronics, since the double-link didn’t survive the change of CEO?

Endenburg sees hierarchy as necessary for order. Being influenced by David Bohm, I’d say information, and its meaning, is necessary for order. Hierarchy is an explicate order, while meaning is implicate.

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