Premature synchronization as counterfeit order

This is a post in my series on organizing ”between and beyond.” Other posts are here.

Venkatesh Rao (@vgr) writes in this post that ”premature sycnhronization is the root of all evil.” Why? Rao writes:

  • ”Humans are most valuable when they have high autonomy, and able to play to their unique strengths and histories …”
  • ”Even with technology … sufficiently intelligence in machines drives diminishing returns from synchronization.”
  • ”… Ashby’s Law of Requisite Variety gets at why systems must be desynchronized … in complex environments.”
  • ”… nature revels in variety and complex textures of desynchronization …”
  • ”Missionary tactical contracts are to loose coordination what job descriptions, performance reviews, annual goal-setting/personal development processes are to tight synchronization”1
  • ”… trust people … and expect them to work out much more meaningful and dynamic mutual expectations and working tempos for themselves.”
  • Preconditions are ”… strong trust … Einheit …” and ”… direction setting … Schwerpunkt.”
  • ”… open communication is expected to bear the burden of coordination …”
  • ”… perhaps, we’ve had far more synchronization than people actually want or need in life. ”

Authentic order enables synchronization when needed (like in a laser beam), while counterfeit order leads to premature synchronization.

1 See Mission-type tactics, Wikipedia (accessed 2016-08-13).

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